[avahi] Network printer issues

Celso Pinto cpinto at yimports.com
Thu May 25 14:48:40 PDT 2006

Hi guys,

at work we have a network printer that supports ZeroConf advertising 
(and indeed it's advertising itself on the network) but I can't manage 
to get it displayed when running avahi-browse -a.

So I dug up the printer configuration and noticed that it advertises 
itself on the local network as printer_name._printer._tcp.local. Is 
there a way for me to force Avahi to recognize this pattern and actually 
display this printer when I run avahi-browse?

I have CUPS with DNSSD enabled but it doesn't display this printer and 
I'm guessing it's because Avahi skips it. If this should be completely 
transparent to Avahi let me know and also apologise for bothering you 
with these small details.


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