[avahi] Avahi on Maemo (was: Newbie to avahi, minimum install reqs?)

Simon McVittie smcv-2005-avahi at pseudorandom.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 08:39:45 PST 2007

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 at 12:29:42 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Wed, 07.02.07 05:08, Simo Hosio (zion at ee.oulu.fi) wrote:
> > I am intending to start using ovahi on MAEMO platform (Nokia 770 & N800 
> > Internet tablets, based on Debian Linux). And the initial problem is that I 
> > am not too familiar with Linux / C environment :)
> Since Avahi is apparently a dependency of "Canola" it already has
> been ported to Maemo.

For completeness: that's a port to Maemo 2 (aka mistral, OS 2006) as seen on
the Nokia 770. I've done a very rough port to Maemo 3 (bora, OS 2007)
as seen on the N800, based on the Debian packages - I'll try to clean
that up and put it online at some point soon.

It didn't seem to be very reliable, but I think that was my home
wireless network's fault - I'll try it at work and see if it works any

The reason I wanted an Avahi install is the Salut connection manager for
the Telepathy IM framework - this provides iChat-compatible link-local
presence broadcasting and instant messaging. Because Nokia use Telepathy for
the 770 and N800's XMPP/Jabber/Google Talk support, this means
you can talk to link-local contacts via the normal Nokia user interface.

(a Telepathy developer at Collabora)

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