[avahi] Disappearing and reappearing service if a text is changed

Florian Erfurth f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com
Thu May 28 04:21:51 PDT 2009

Lennart Poettering schrieb:
> On Wed, 27.05.09 15:47, Florian Erfurth (f.erfurth at reel-multimedia.com) wrote:
>>>> Hi, I found out, after timeout avahi tells me the host does have such 
>>>> address like "" which is wrong (true: ""). 
>>>> Where the hell does avahi get such address? And why does it happen?   
>>> That's an IPv4LL address. It gets assigned by avahi-autoipd or a
>>> similar tool. Most modern systems use it as fallback when no manual
>>> configuration and no DHCP is available.
>> Umm... on Server the IP is set manually to so it has a 
>> fixed address. This is why I'm wondering about the IPv4LL address 
>> displayed on client. How can I get rid of this?
>> Sometime I just got "169.254.9.XXX". (this is bad)
>> Sometime I got "169.254.9.XXX" and after some seconds I got 
>> "". (this is ok)
> It's not the client side that makes these adresses up. It's the host
> itself which configures those addresses. On Linux use "ip addr" to
> find out which addresses are assigned to your interface.
Ok, this means the host always(?) get 169.254.7.XXX-Address before 
getting IP from /etc/network/interfaces, right? Thank you for your tip, 
but I cannot use "ip addr" on client if I want to know the IP of the host.
> On a local network it shouldn't matter which adress is picked for
> connection as long as it is a valid one. That's why it is not
> deterministic which address is handed to applications when they try to
> resolve a host name.
Sorry, you're saying "169.254.7.XXX"-Adress is a valid address? Here its 
not valid since the network-setting is given (static IP, netmask ...). 
If I try to ping from client, I get "Destination Net Unreachable".

Thank you.
cu Floh

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