[cairo] Updated ROADMAP for cairo 1.2.0 (and beyond)

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Apr 27 06:50:09 PDT 2006

On Thu, 27 Apr 2006 09:38:55 -0400, "Dominic Lachowicz" wrote:
> I was thinking that it might be preferable to do something like the
> following. It would give us a constructor with a default behavior as
> well as avoid the timing-specific set_vesion() function. What do you
> think?

Yes, this looks like it has some good properties. It's also allows for
us to extend existing _create functions similarly in the future
(perhaps cairo_ps_surface_create_language_level_3).

And it does follow the general cairo tendency of pushing values into
function names rather than adding extra arguments.

> /* picks one of the two functions below, probably the 1.1 version */
> cairo_svg_surface_create (void);

Presumably that's a comment for our sake now, and not the way we'll
document this function. ;-)

> /* creates a SVG 1.1 compatible surface */
> cairo_svg_surface_create_1_1 (void);
> /* ... */
> cairo_svg_surface_create_1_2 (void);

The underscore is a bit ugly, but I suppose we'd have the same problem
with an enum, (and I'm not interested in a string here).

So I guess I'm in favor of this. What do you think, Emmanuel?


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