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> On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 chovynz  chovynz wrote:
>> Why are there reviews on the request images if
>> they are not yet fulfilled? What use is a comment on a REQUESTED image
>> such
>> as "Please submit an SVG file. You can convert the image using Inkscape or
>> this site: vectormagic.staford.edu . Thanks."
>> First, I have some issues with this kind of reply. 1) The submitted image
>> (as far as I can tell from the example I chose) is a jpg REQUEST for what
>> they want. There is no point in asking general public people to submit the
>> REQUESTS as svg, because that is what they are wanting as well - a vector
>> svg. This kind of admin comment on a non-svg-image trying to fulfill the
>> request would be ok; but not, I believe, on an example image of a request.
> There are two ways an image may become a request: either an author submits
> it as a request, or he submits non-SVG image as a clipart. Then any admin
> who notices such an image writes a review "Please submit an SVG file" and
> waits in hope that it was just a mistake ; ) After a couple of weeks (or
> months...) an admin moves such image to Requests by adding "request" tag
> (usually without deleting/editing the reviews). This is how it works now.
> There are some guidelines at http://openclipart.org/wiki/Moderation.

> Interestingly, there's also a page
> http://openclipart.org/wiki/Image_requests at the wiki, which contains
> completely different set of requests, some of them from 2005... Some of them
> are surely completed (I can't believe we don't have, for example, " US
> National Flag" !!). But... do we really need two places for requests?

Ok that's interesting. Yes I did spot that second one (from
http://openclipart.org/wiki/Clip_Art_Requests), but semi-ignored it because
it says it's the old version. Want me to do some exploring and see if any
are fulfilled? I can make a list of ones on the page that are still
in-request (not fulfilled yet).

> 2) I researched Vector Magic and you have to pay to use it. When you sign
>> up
>> you get two free conversion credits. After that you have to pay for the
>> service at $8/month.
> When I was recommending vectormagic.stanford.edu (now vectormagic.com), it
> was still free...
> I guess it would be best to put some Inkscape vectorization tutorial on the
> wiki and give links there. I'll try to do it;

Or vectorisation in general too. I haven't played around with Inkscape much
but I presume the concepts and principles are the same as other programs.
Use lines, and pen tool to create paths and strokes that can be changed on
the fly.

>> Whats my point? Good question. I'm confused about how to use the requests
>> page-list. In some places it seems like a place to request an image. In
>> others it looks like someone has done something already. Is there someone
>> overseeing the requests list to ensure fulfilled ones are moved? How does
>> the request page work?
> Well, it would be logical if the author of the request could mark it as
> "completed". But it seems it doesn't work like this (or am I wrong?).
> "Completed_request" is one of the admin tags and only admin can add it. I
> don't know anything about "someone overseeing it"; I can look at the list
> and try to move the "fulfilled" ones...
> I also see that there's no intuitive way to link an "answer" to the
> request. OK, when it is a new work from scratch, people usually mark it as a
> "remix" of the request, and when they feel some of the older cliparts may be
> used, they say so in comments/reviews. But it gets sooo messy :( For
> example, should I (as an admin) mark a green tree by PeterM
> http://openclipart.org/media/files/PeterM/80 as a "remix" of green tree
> requested by vochoman http://openclipart.org/media/files/vochoman/6924, or
> it just doesn't make sense?

I have no idea about the completed_request admin side of things. I'll let
someone else answer that.

Yes, Having an intuitive way of linking the answer to the request would be
good. I also have a question as to why things are stored underneath people's
names (seen in the breadcrumbs trail), but I guess it makes sense in a
particular way and easy finding, or perhaps if you have a favorite artist. I
dunno. It just seemed weird to me to lookup "Bread" and see "Home > People >
Jon > bread". It seems to work ok, just not easy to remember, compared to
lets say, "Home > Food > bread".

Well, I'm glad to be here thats for sure.

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