[compiz] Looking for input

imnotpc imnotpc at ubaight.com
Wed Nov 22 20:02:43 PST 2006

Hey All,

First off, congratulations to David and the others who worked on the 0.3.4 
release and Happy Thanksgiving!

There's been some discussion in the forum on the design and functionality of 
the compiz website and I'd like to get the opinion of David and any others 
who have an interest in this topic.

My first question is to David. You indicated that you were interested in 
having someone manage the website. Have you made any decisions on this?

Regarding the content of the website, there has been some discussion regarding 
using a content management  system on the site. You can see it in this 


You can also see examples of default CMS sites here:

There are lots of CMSs out there and as you see we each have our preferences 
and some of you may have other favorites.

So the second question is: Is a CMS right for our site?

My personal opinion is that we should decide what the CMS will be used for, 
then select one that fits those needs. I also think we should keep 
zootreeves's forum as it is and keep the wiki for documentation, but 
implement a cms for the rest of the site. 



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