[compiz] 0.4 release

David Reveman davidr at novell.com
Tue Feb 27 03:15:38 PST 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-27 at 11:36 +0100, Jesper Andersen wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-02-26 at 17:23 +0100, David Reveman wrote:
> > I think the current state of the 0.4 branch is pretty good and I'd like
> > to just get the release out asap so we can focus on moving on. If anyone
> > got fixes or bugs that they like to see fixed let us know.
> I have a problem with focus under the sloppy focus model. Suppose I have
> two overlapping windows open on viewport 4 (the number is really not
> relevant). Also assume that the mouse cursor is placed over one of the
> windows (say window 'a' for that window and 'b' for the other). If I
> then from another viewport try to select (using switcher, scale, folded
> out cube) window 'b', the viewport changes but focus is given to window
> 'a' and not to window 'b' as selected explicitly. I realize that the
> mouse is over 'a', but I did /select/ window 'b' to gain focus.
> Hope it makes sense to you.

Yep, that made a lot of sense and I've now made changes that should fix
it. The changes I've made affect which window that should get focus when
you change viewport in other ways when using the switcher or scale too.
Switching to a new viewport will not necessarily move the input focus to
the window below the pointer but to the last window focused in that
viewport. I'm not sure if this makes more sense than the old behavior
but we can easily adjust it to match the old behavior without breaking
the switcher/scale part if we want that. Let me know what you think.

- David

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