GObject signals remotely

Kalle Vahlman kalle.vahlman at gmail.com
Sat May 21 03:32:25 PDT 2005

On 5/20/05, Daniel Reed <n at ml.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 20 May 2005, Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> > Oh, and in case you are wondering, stuff I am implementing is a dbus
> > interface to irssi2
> > (http://main.irssi.org/projects/irssi2.html). Coool stuff from the
> > author of irssi (surprise, surprise :). Timo will most likely welcome
> > any help given, the project is still pretty new.
> Have you given up on working on your own and/or the naimng project, or
> were you hoping to combine them all at some point?

I've given up pretty much I'm afraid. I have followed the developement
of naimng to some extent, but since I have had few months of
turbulence in my life (moving and starting a job etc) I haven't been
able to work on anything until recently.

The dbus-irc stuff  is now very much dead, I overlooked some major
issues in the design because it was done in a hurry to get irksu to a
proof-of-concept state (at which point I could claim the study points
for it :).

The reason I got involved with irssi2 is simple: I now work in the
same company with the author and he made a strong case for it ;)

The differences of irssi2 and naimng are pretty substantial
dbus-end-wise, so that won't be feasible for common interface. But now
that you mention it, there is still one area that could have common
goals. I'll get back to you some time next week at the naim-list after
I do some sniffing around and have a chat with Timo...

Oh, and apologies for not giving any status pings on the collaboration
we discussed earlier.

Kalle Vahlman, zuh at iki.fi

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