Jamboree & python

Marcin marcino_l at o2.pl
Thu Feb 16 00:43:27 PST 2006

> This is straying from the topic of the dbus list ;), but download
> jamboree's CVS from cvs.gnome.org, change the configure check to look
> for a DBUS version that's not quite so ancient, and then see if you can
> get it to compile. Then in the end you can file a bug against it in
> Gnome bugzilla, and poke me to look at it. That's it ;)
> Good luck,
  It's me, agine:). Could you explain me it simply? What should I do,  
download older version of Jamboree or older version of dbus and then  
install it? Please, try to use simple words, I don't know english very  


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