Request for the 1.0 release

Marcel Holtmann marcel at
Fri Feb 24 09:42:13 PST 2006

Hi J5,

> I'm almost done with a 0.61 release.  After that we want to split out
> the bindings and the Qt guys have some requirements as they have decided
> to use it to replace DCOP in the interest of desktop interoperability.
> These have all conspired to hold back 1.0.  When will we get a 1.0
> release?  The answer is when it is ready.  What can you do to help out?
> Fix bugs, write documentation, test the s*** out of it, etc.  If a lot
> of those smaller changes happens before everything else it means there
> will be less lead time between splitting out the bindings and getting to
> DCOP parity and blessing 1.0.

my plan is to make D-Bus a hard requirement for the Bluetooth daemon. At
the moment it is optional and unless the API is marked as stable I don't
really tend to change this. Moving over to D-Bus as a hard requirement
would make it possible for me to drop a lot of ugly code that deals with
non D-Bus compilations. We are using only the low-level API and so I
don't really care about the bindings, but I fully understand that they
correlate somehow. I actually need an honest estimation how far the
low-level API is away from being stable.



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