One user morne than one time logged in.

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at
Tue Jan 24 05:50:24 PST 2006

Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> This makes a difference when there's two X displays (or something
> similar) involved, for example: if a dbus message that pops up a
> dialog comes, which screen should should it pop up to? and similar
> problems.

Absolutely, yes. I'm not trying to say that the session bus should in
fact be a user bus, it's obvious this would be incorrect for programs
trying to communicate within a particular login session, I'm saying that
there should also be a user bus because the session bus is inappropriate
for certain tasks.

Things like your configuration or address book are just daemons
representing files stored in your home directory - to require the daemon
to run once per login is gratuitous and annoying, and makes the daemon
harder to write because it can't make course-grained locks on its
backend storage. The same applies to what I'm working on, where the
connections to IM and VOIP services belong conceptually to a particular
user, and should certainly be available to client programs running
within another login session.

I don't consider this issue closed at all, but everyone seemed to think
that getting 1.0 out ASAP is more important, although it's anyone's
guess how soon we'll be able to call it ready given distinct shoddiness
in some of our bindings coupled with a distinct lack of developer cycles
ATM (myself included)...

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