crash in dbus-launch

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Mon Nov 13 12:30:09 PST 2006

John (J5) Palmieri wrote:
>On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 18:45 +0100, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Ray Strode wrote:
>> >I noticed that the dbus-launch babysitter process in 0.94 and later
>> >crashes while trying to initialize its X11 code.
>> I think I fixed this for 0.95 or 1.0. Can you retest?
>No it is not.  The patch applies cleanly to 1.0.0. 

I don't see how.

His patch:
   machine = get_machine_uuid ();
+  if (machine == NULL)

Current tools/dbus-launch-x11.c, 1.4, as tagged for 1.0.0:
  machine = get_machine_uuid ();
  if (machine == NULL)
    return FALSE;

>This should be 
>committed to HEAD and a branch created for 1.0.1 and applied there.
>What is the procedure for branching point releases?  Do we branch on
>1.0.0 and tag 1.0.1 when we do a release or do we just make a 1.0.1
>branch and then freeze it when we make a release?

I'd say we make a 1.0 branch off the 1.0.0 release and tag it every time 
we release.

We can also decide to branch off HEAD before the .0 release for further 
releases (i.e., start the freeze).
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