Havoc Pennington hp at redhat.com
Sat Sep 16 10:43:41 PDT 2006

Peter Kümmel wrote:
> Replacing _dbus_connect_unix_socket with a pure
> windows-specific version seems to enforce to
> change the whole DBusTransport infrastructure:
> - transport.h is full of _unix functions
> - transport.c uses transport-unix.h and
>   dbus-transport-protected.h,  both unix
>   specific files
> So I don't see a way to implement a clean windows
> version without touching all the code of DBusTransport,
> the current design is too unix centric.
> To have a clean windows port we must have no _unix
> functions in all non unix header/soucre files, but
> this is maybe an item for D-Bus 2.0. :)

Whine whine whine. ;-) I just did this for you, it took a couple hours.

I did not quite finish; dbus_transport_open needs a similar change to 
dbus_server_listen, will need to add DBusTransportOpenResult like 
DBusServerListenResult, and also _dbus_transport_open_platform_specific 
living in dbus-transport-unix.c.

_dbus_server_set_bad_address should probably become 
_dbus_address_set_bad() and shared between the server and transport code.

This remaining change should take about 1/2 hour but is needed for 
Thiago's patch, since he would hook in to the unix 


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