dbus: Proposed relicense to MIT/X11

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Sep 13 13:30:25 PDT 2007

Ryan Lortie wrote:
>I'd take this to mean that, as a package, dbus is licensed under the

Every single .c and .h file says otherwise.

>These programs can't take dbus under GPL (any version) since GPL is
>incompatible with GPL+exceptions (and _definitely_ incompatible with the
>binary modules that they pull in).  They also can't take it under AFL
>since that's also incompatible with GPL+exceptions.

GPL+exceptions is compatible with the GPL because the exceptions can be 
dropped. Exceptions are additional rights, not additional restrictions.

The problem I see is when code is allowed to link to an application only 
because of the exceptions -- i.e., GPL-incompatible code. Then, as such, 
it cannot be used together with libdbus.

But, let me repeat my important points here: I approve of the clean-up. I 
just want to make sure for contributors reading that I don't think GPLv3 
is an issue today, with our code as it stands.

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