Windows DBus shared memory name depends on _DEBUG?

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Thu Sep 23 05:48:04 PDT 2010

Also note that whether one even talks about "debug" vs. "release"
builds is very much a cultural issue, so to say. The concept of a
"debug build" where _DEBUG is defined comes from MSVC.

Those of us who build stuff (including dbus) for Windows using a GNU
toolchain (and autofoo) (either natively, or cross-compiling from
Linux) tend to more just see it as using -g or not, and see whether
the produced binaries will be used in a "production" or "development"
context as an orthogonal issue. With a MinGW-based toolchain there
isn't even any "debug" C library available that one could/would use,
as there is in "debug builds" with MSVC.

(Sorry for the quotation mark overload...)


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