libdbus vs libgio

Sanel Zukan sanelz at
Fri Sep 7 15:52:33 PDT 2012

>> This is quite sad. Instead we all rely on single implementation (libdbus)
>> and build desired bindings on it, what we will end up with?
> with different implementations of the DBus protocol.

Better say a mess. Emacs is the first example, what will be the next:
Firefox, Chromium? If you find current situation reasonable, where
application for the _same_ job uses _two_ different libraries, try to
imagine GUI application written with Qt that pops dialogs with Gtk+.

>> glib guys should either put gdbus as separate library or Emacs
>> (and similar) projects should fork glib without gdbus...
> that is a ridiculous statement.
> even if gdbus were to be a separate library, the libraries used by
> Emacs would still depend on that library, not on libdbus.

The libraries used by Emacs _could_ depend on libdbus or gdbus,
if the thing was done right. With current state, we are ended
up with another pile of dependent libraries and lack of interest for
original project just because someone likes to reinvent the wheel.

> I won't even comment on the uninformed suggestion of "forking glib".

Why this sounds so bad? pkg-config already successfully done it ;)


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