Move of zbus under dbus space

Zeeshan Ali zeeshanak at
Fri Jan 1 21:44:35 UTC 2021

Hi everyone and a very happy new year,

As some of you might know, I've been developing a D-Bus Rust crate for
the past 1.5 years called zbus[1]. Thanks to big help from Marc-Andre
Lureau. we had our first release mid 2020 and the response we received
has been really great. While our task of adding more ease into zbus
continues, as we discover the limitations of our API, I believe
overall we're in a very good shape.

Therefore, it'd be great if zbus could become the official D-Bus
library for Rust, by being moved under Before I ask the FDO admins, I
wanted to reach out here to inquire how people feel about this.


Zeeshan Ali


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