Plans for UPower 1.0

Alex Fiestas afiestas at
Fri Jan 4 07:34:39 PST 2013

On Thursday 03 January 2013 10:02:07 Richard Hughes wrote:
> I'm intending to branch 1.0 later this week. Plans I have for 1.0 are:
> * Removing the Sleeping/NotifySleep/Resuming/NotifyResume signals
> * Removing AboutToSleep(), Suspend(), SuspendAllowed(), Hibernate(),
> HibernateAllowed() methods
> This is because I believe that this low-level stuff should be lower in
> the stack, much like implemented by logind.
As long as the same features are available in another service we (KDE) 
shouldn't have much problem with this.

Cheers and thanks for the good work :)

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