Introduction round?

Andy Hamberger andreas at
Fri Mar 7 17:26:25 PST 2008

Hi Vincent et al

On 3/8/08, Jeff Licquia <jeff at> wrote:
> Vincent Untz wrote:
>  > Since it's hard to know who's here right now, maybe we can make some
>  > introduction round?

Andreas Hamberger,  founder of Yoper, co founder and fan of
openSUSE, currently SLES and debian super computer architect in NZ.
Been hacking and doing distro work in ISP enterprise environments for
12 years now and still think that together we are stronger as distro's
and quite excited about this list and our future collaboration. Good
to see many familiar people on here, hey to everyone I know :D and
peace from New Zealand. Hopefully see you soon!


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