Introduction round?

Holger Levsen holger at
Sat Mar 8 02:19:47 PST 2008


nice to meet you!

I'm a Debian developer (only maintaining boring^wsmall packages like tuxtype, 
tuxmath, olsrd and batman) and besides being nosy I'm here cause I like 
collaboration (because its most often sensible and I like sensible stuff) and 
because I'm heavily involved in Debian Edu, which is a Custom Debian 
Distribution which this year faces the challange from switching to a KDE only 
desktop to supporting both KDE and Gnome (and maybe XFCE) equally well.

We, as in Debian Edu, are also interested in using LDAP for more 
configuration, like dns, dhcp, samba, etc. We now have a patched dhcp server 
and are looking for solutions for dns. (BTW, OpenWRT developed uci, which I 
think resolves to "unified configfile interface" or something like that. It 
unifies the config file "frontend" syntax and allow different backends, with 
LDAP being one among them.)

I'm also involved in OLPC and shall upload sugar to Debian in march. 

Oh, and I'm doing video stuff in Debian (see and would like to 
know how other distributions handle the juju stack, aeh, challenge. ;-)

So much for now. Happy hacking!

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