Introduction (was: sharing patches in a DVCS)

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also sprach James Westby <jw+debian at> [2008.03.08.1026 +0100]:
> I don't know if you know of the vcs-pkg project that is trying to
> look in to this problem,
> There's not a huge amount going on there yet, but Martin wants to
> use it as a forum to discuss these issues, so I don't know whether
> it is more useful to do it there or here.

I'll chip in here with my short intro: I am a long-time Debian
developer and the person who started after at least four
years of thinking about and playing around with this stuff,
including times during which it looked like it was going to become
the topic of my research

Now my research is less about a single workflow or a single tool,
but about the general process of adoption and rejection of tools and
workflows by Debian developers:

So my interest in vcs-pkg is two-fold: on the one hand, I think we
can profit from each other a lot with better integration of our
On the other hand, I hope to be able to bridge from my
Debian-centred research to the rest of FLOSS at one point, and
vcs-pkg just seems like the perfect opportunity.

Looking forward to working with you all!

PS: second mail about this list vs. vcs-pkg forthcoming.

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