Results of the App Installer Meeting

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. dmacvicar at
Sat Jan 29 07:16:39 PST 2011

On 01/27/2011 08:33 PM, seth vidal wrote:
> At the risk of adding lots of fun complexity to this - I've already been
> asked about apps which are not desktop apps.
> Specifically for deploying pkgs based on browsing for webapps.
> "I want to look for webapps I can deploy on my hosted servers"
> Not a desktop app, but definitely an app.
> Then again - I assume that this list is only about desktop things - so
> it's probably moot.

We already discussed this. I remember we discarded non GUI applications 
(cli) or server stuff. If you can use them, probably you can use yum to 
install them as well.

However the webapps topic is interesting. However, a Prism config for a 
webapp, can also be shipped as a package and a desktop file.

But we are not limiting us to packages only. We need to think at some 
point how to link the user to extensions to that app (ie: firefox 
extensions), fonts, etc, and those may not be rpm at all.

For other cases, it may not be a limitation of the content, but for 
practical reasons, ie: a game may want to ship as a klick (kind of linux 
dmg) format instead of rpm, to be self contained.

(because this it woul dbe useful to have <package>name</package> have an 
attribute type="packagekit" or something in this direction.


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