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Garry Hurley garry.hurley.jr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 13:35:54 PDT 2011

On LinkedIn, I belong to the "Linux Users" and "Linux Experts" lists.  We
were having a discussion on "Linux Users" as to why corporations aren't
moving to Linux desktops.  Someone suggested a name like "Doors" or
"Skylights" for a Linux distro to point out how 'similar Linux was to
Windows'.  I countered that perhaps we should market Linux as the "Low-e OS"
because Linux is a "more energy-efficient, greener approach to computing
than traditional Windows."  Well, we could change that to KDE or Gnome and
get away without paying Microsoft - especially since they cannot trademark
the word "Windows" (although they did try).

Okay, just a thought that might have amused you for a second.  I'll let you
folks get back to work now.  Lots of ground to cover in making Linux worthy
for most desktop computers.
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