[Bug 74250] [HAWAII][DPM] New Version 3.1 for ASIC_ProfilingInfo / ci_upload_dpm_level_enable_mask failed

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--- Comment #8 from Kai <kai at dev.carbon-project.org> ---
I'm sad to report that the patches don't seem to work for me (same as Marek
reported in bug 78453, comment #139), as far as getting higher clocks is
concerned*. While I do not see any error message anylonger (with attachment
93015 applied), I'm not seeing a change in clock speeds either. No matter what
I do (Protal 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown) the output of cat
/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/radeon_pm_info /sys/kernel/debug/dri/64/radeon_pm_info
> power level avg    sclk: 30000 mclk: 15000
> power level avg    sclk: 30000 mclk: 15000

The FPS (as reported by GALLIUM_HUD=fps) also stay low. With the current stack
I see 10 to 12 FPS in XCOM (which looks surprisingly fluid...) and 12 to 15 FPS
in Portal 2.

My stack is (base: Debian Testing):
GPU: Hawaii PRO [Radeon R9 290] (ChipID = 0x67b1)
Linux: Git:~agdf5/linux:drm-next-3.17-rebased-on-fixes:fa053e7263 (calls itself
3.16-rc6) + attachment 93015
libdrm: Git:master/libdrm-2.4.56
LLVM: SVN:trunk/r214546 (3.6 snapshot)
libclc: Git:master/5b48f170c8
Mesa: Git:master/e41cc45361
DDX: Git:master/4b5060f357 + Patch from
X: 2:1.16.0-2 (1.16.0)

* I posted this here, and not in bug 78453, since the DPM patches are attached
to this bug; if this bug is really only about what the title currently says,
then I should probably open a different bug? Because I'm no longer seeing the
error messages, which started this bug report.

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