OMAPDSS: omap5 SYNC_LOST error with DPI/LCD

Tomi Valkeinen tomi.valkeinen at
Fri May 16 01:53:51 PDT 2014

On 13/05/14 09:26, Vikas Patil wrote:
> Hi Tomi,
>>That driver cannot be used with omapdrm, which uses omapdss. There's no
> TDF19988 driver for omapdss (at least in the mainline),
> Just to better understand, could you please explain why I can't use it
> with omadrm and omapdss? Which scenario this driver will be useful?  I
> think I still didn't understand how all this sit together.

The display SW architecture used by the TDF19988 driver is totally
different than what omapdss/omapdrm uses. There is no common display
framework for linux yet.

> Do you think following driver can be used as a reference to start?
> (Sil9022 DPI to
> HDMI Encoder).

Probably not, as your kernel is much older than the one that driver has
been written on. The omapdss driver has changed quite a bit.


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