[PATCH] drm/nouveau/clk/gm20b: Fix memory leak in gm20b_clk_new()

dinghao.liu at zju.edu.cn dinghao.liu at zju.edu.cn
Sun May 31 08:23:10 UTC 2020

> > It's the same when gm20b_clk_new() returns from elsewhere following this call.
> I suggest to reconsider the interpretation of the software situation once more.
> Can it be that the allocated clock object should be kept usable even after
> a successful return from this function?

It's possible that we expect an usable clk pointer, though I could not find
the exact usage yet. For security, I will release this pointer only on error 
paths in this function.

> Would you like to add the tag “Fixes” to the commit message?

Thank you for your advice! I will add this tag in the next version of patch.


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