[Fontconfig] debugging no fonts problem

Dan McMahill mcmahill at mtl.mit.edu
Sat Apr 16 01:41:44 EST 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 07:43:45AM -0400, Dan McMahill wrote:
> I recently updated everything (fontconfig, glib, atk, pango, gtk, etc)
> on my solaris-9 box with openwin.  Now I can longer get any fonts to
> display in gtk2 programs.  Not even the gtk-demo program.  
> I've re-run fc-cache with 'fc-cache -f -v' to make sure it completes
> as it has in the past.  As near as I can tell, my fonts.conf file
> has not changed.  Then I tried running the gtk-demo program
> on both the solaris-9 box and a NetBSD/alpha box.  What I found is:
> client 			Xserver		Result
> ------			-------		-------
> gtk-demo,		Solaris-9,	seems ok
> NetBSD/alpha		openwin
> gtk-demo,		Solaris-9,	no fonts
> Solaris-9/sparc		openwin
> gtk-demo,		Win XP		seems ok
> NetBSD/alpha		X/deep
> gtk-demo,		Win XP,		seems ok
> Solaris-9/sparc		X/deep
> gtk1 programs		Solaris-9	all are fine
> on any machine		openwin
> so there seems to be something about the client and
> X server being on the solaris box.
> Any suggestions on how to debug whats going on?  
> I'm using version 2.6.4 of gtk2, 2.3.0 of fontconfig, pango-1.8.1,
> not sure what other versions are of use.
argh.  I looked and I was using pango-1.6.0 and gtk-2.4.14 on the 
NetBSD/alpha box.  When I update pango and gtk to 1.8.1 and 2.6.4
to match the versions on the solaris box, I have the same display
problems.  So it seems that gtk-2.6 and pango-1.8 just don't
like displaying on this solaris box.

Does this force the use of true type fonts or something which isn't
supported by the solaris font server?



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