[Fontconfig] fontconfig 2.2.3 only works with iso8859-1

Dmitry Karasik dmitry at karasik.eu.org
Tue Mar 1 09:18:29 EST 2005

	Hi Keith!

On 28 Feb 05 at 22:02, "Keith" (Keith Packard) wrote:

 Keith> --==_Exmh_41322760P Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

 Keith> Around 21 o'clock on Feb 28, Dmitry Karasik wrote:

 >> Please don't, at least for iso-8859-1 and iso-10646-1 encodings. I see
 >> where the new font layout would shine brighter, but probably it's
 >> better to not fix what ain't broken?

 Keith> For 10646, PCF is a really bad idea -- it uses an uncompressed
 Keith> array for the codepoint->glyph mapping table, which means you
 Keith> cannot spread glyphs across the unicode range without exploding
 Keith> file sizes.

 Keith> Even for Latin-1, using TTF is a win as we can ship all of the
 Keith> bitmap sizes in a single file, saving significant space and effort.

Wait, when you used word 'eliminate' in the previous message does that
mean that PCF/BDF fonts simply wouldn't be shipped in the future, or, 
in the contrary, wouldn't be recognized any longer? I thought that it 
is the latter, because I've had at least one problem with newer fontconfig, 
when it displayed first 128 glyphs only out of my non-latin PCF files. 
If it is just about shipping, well, the request is cancelled.

	Dmitry Karasik

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