[Fontconfig] Font styles and familes - match and replace?

mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp mpsuzuki at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Fri Oct 7 21:19:38 EST 2005

Hi, I'm one of the CJK speakers.

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 19:38:18 -0400
Ambrose Li <acli at ada.dhs.org> wrote:

>On Thu, Oct 06, 2005 at 06:19:47AM -0700, Michael A. Peters
>> Is there a way to set up matching so that when I ask for bold
>> attribute in the standard face by selecting "Bold" button, it
>> gets it from Wastrel Bold?
>No. There is absolutely no way to fix this problem because this
>is a design decision in fontconfig.
>In fact this annoying (and IMHO very serious) usability problem
>had been brought up before (a very common problem with the free
>Chinese fonts as well as random commercial fonts).  I (and
>IIRC some others) tried to convince people on this list that
>fontconfig *must* provide a way to describe things like "the
>bold font of font X is font Y".  Unfortunately, it was thought
>that this could be a "trademark problem".

Please let me know detail of "trademark problem".
Michael took it as legal issue, but I'm afraid you meant different.
I don't think it's less-problematic to distribute information
"about" commercial fonts, if they don't have non-public part of
the commercial fonts. I suppose what you meant was comprehensive
research for existing commercial font is difficult work.
If I'm misunderstanding, please correct.


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