Wifi positioning backends

Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Wed Jul 25 03:18:24 PDT 2007

Hi, I finally got my internet connection back...

Navizon is actually a cool idea (they build their database by letting
the clients record the locations of cell towers and wlan APs when the
user has a GPS device with him). They also offer financial incentives
for people who do carry a GPS: the service is free for them and they may
even earn something.

From a geoclue POV Navizon is nothing special -- if the data is
available, writing the backend is not difficult. Personally I'd be more
willing to work with a more open/free service/software.

Andrew said:
> Wifi
> - HereCast (http://www.herecast.com/) - open, free
> - Loki (http://loki.com) - closed, free
> - WiGLE (http://www.wigle.net/) - open, free

WiGLE is very interesting -- The access point database is originally
from placelab (AFAIK), and it seems to be growing fast: 11 million
locations so far. Wardriving seems to be a common hobby.
 I've tried contacting wigle.net guys about their license, but there
hasn't been a lot of success. The problem is that while the current API
is "open" their license terms require every user to register an account
(and they've hinted that the API will require login information in the
 If anyone wants to try convincing them, here's my thread:
Maybe someone else can make the case better than I could...


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