Wifi positioning backends

Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at cc.hut.fi
Fri Jul 27 09:57:20 PDT 2007

Henri Bergius wrote:
>> Having said all that, I think AP positioning will be easier to
>> implement, and should come before mobile phone positioning
> MaemoPlazer does that to some degree already (though using the
> proprietary Plazes database). It just needs to be verified to work
> with latest GeoClue...

Perfect timing... Tim Lawrenz (from Plazes) sent this heads up:

> I thought you might be interested in the very first draft of the new
> plazes api:
> http://plazes.com/api/docs
> especially retrieving hints about the current location based on the
> mac address of the default gateway. e.g.:
> http://plazes.com/suggestions.xml?mac_address=00:0f:90:67:3b:f1

I've no idea if this was old news to you or not, but it's all new and
shiny to me (I haven't even seen the plazes backend).

So... what's the status with the backend?

And, would it be a bad idea to do it in C instead of python?
 * The bulk of the backend would be the same as hostip
 * as nice as Python is it's still a not-installed-by-default dependency
   on maemo
 * as nice as Python is it still uses some amount of memory (considering
   that we're talking about a service that runs all the time).


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