[gst-devel] feature request...

Anthony Arcieri bascule at holly.ColoState.EDU
Mon Oct 9 07:22:04 CEST 2000

The features I like about VirtualDub are the features of a linear editor.
It's nice being able to manipulate what you are transcoding during the
transcoding process itself.  The features I'd like are:

ability to join video segments that use same codec/frame rate
remove portions of the stream
interleave audio from a different source
display of bouth input and output video (showing results of filters)

Most of the rest is handled by gstreamer itself (e.g. support of
input/output formats)

There are certainly more features VirtualDub has that would be great, but
the above are the ones that are most useful.

Also, VirtualDub has a "smart deinterlace" filter (for removing
interlace artifacts from imperfect frame sync during a capture) whose
source is freely available, I believe.  It's the best filter of its kind
I've seen to date.  Could this be modified to work with gstreamer?

Tony Arcieri

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