[gst-devel] error compiling gstbin.c

Olaf Stetzer stetzer at itu.fzk.de
Thu Jan 18 11:33:17 CET 2001

I was happily impressed when I saw the announcement of gstreamer on
the gnome website. As I am using debina and debina packages of
gstreamer seem to be not available yet I got the tarball to compile
it myself. First I had to replace gnome-xml/parser.h with
but this seems to be a known bug already. Then I ran into the following
prblem when did make (after ./configure):
gstbin.c: In function 'gst_bin_restore_thyself':
gstbin.c:469: structure has no member named 'childs'
gstbin.c:477: structure has no member named 'childs'

I am running debian with the newsest packages (updating nearly every
Can you help me with this problem?


Olaf Stetzer
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