[gst-devel] digital audio resampling

zaheer at grid9.net zaheer at grid9.net
Fri Mar 9 01:57:44 CET 2001


Due to my embarassing lack of knowledge/expertise in DSP related
algorithms, I was wondering if the resample code on
was good quality

"Any reasonable sampling rate can be converted to any other.

The windowfilter program designs Finite-Impulse-Response (FIR) digital
filters by the so-called "window method."  In this method, the ideal
impulse response (a sinc function) is "windowed" by a Kaiser window (a
popular window used in spectrum analysis).

The resample program uses 32-bit fixed-point arithmetic: 16-bits data and
16-bits coefficients.  The input soundfile may contain 16-bit mono or
stereo (interleaved) audio data.  The Linux version uses Bill
Schottstaedt's sndlib for soundfile i/o, so it supports all soundfile
header formats supported by that package.  Everything is written in plain
C, so porting to various platforms, even DSP chips, should be



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