[gst-devel] Docs/RFC: GstData

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Wed Apr 17 15:18:40 CEST 2002

Hi Benjamin et all,

some short comments after reading these docs for the first time. We
should probably discuss some of this, but I'm currently in my end-school
period so I need to spend time on school as well...

On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 02:05, Benjamin Otte wrote:
> Hierarchy
> ---------
> GstData
>   GstInstream
>     GstBuffer
>     GstEventNewMedia
>     GstEventDiscontinuous
>     GstEventEOS
>     GstEventLength
>   GstOutOfStream
>     GstEventLock
>     GstEventUnLock
>     GstEventSeek
>     GstEventFlush
>     GstEventEmpty

* why is  GstBuffer a GstInstream thing? Wouldn't GstBuffer better be a 
special type of GstData on its own? Buffers and events are very
* why the separation between in and out stream events? The naming isn't
very obvious and most events can come both instream and outstream (I can
request for a new file to filesink using GstEventNewMedia and I can do
seek/flush events in avimux at the end of the input stream internally
without a notice from outside. In short, maybe it;d be better to not try
to separate them. Or is this short-sighted?

> Subbuffers
> ----------
> Subbuffers have been replaced by a special kind of GstBufferClass.

I don't see any reason to let subbuffers *not* be a GstBuffer.... (?) in
order to push/pull them, they'd better be gstbuffers, right?


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