[gst-devel] memory management choices

Murray Cumming murrayc at t-online.de
Fri Nov 8 05:10:05 CET 2002

I'm thinking about how to manage the lifetime of GstObjects in the C++
bindings. It's an issue because use of refcounting by default will
probably make the C++ API look very different - like gdkmm.

GstObjects seem to require refcounting by default, but there is also a
gst_object_destroy() function, making them similar to GtkObjects.

I know that GtkObjects (such as widgets) respond gracefully to
gtk_object_destroy() (for instance, child widgets disappear visually
from their containers). Is that also true of GstObjects, or is
gst_object_destroy() something that should only be used in exceptional

Murray Cumming
murray at usa.net

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