[gst-devel] No Totem in GNOME 2.4

Murray Cumming murrayc at usa.net
Wed Aug 6 05:22:02 CEST 2003

When we made the 2.4 new-modules decision, the release team decided that GNOME
would like to have Totem using gstreamer if that worked successfully:

Unfortunately Totem+gstreamer still can not play DVDs, Audio CDs, or Video
CDs. The maintainer, Bastien Nocera, does not want GNOME to include a version
of Totem without this functionality, so we must unfortunately remove Totem
from the list of GNOME 2.4 modules. 

This late in the 2.3 schedule, there really is no chance of fixing these 
problem for 2.4. Apparently Bastien thinks that a good-enough Totem+gstreamer
is still possible for GNOME 2.6, but he might need help to make that happen.
In particular, I think he's working on a gstreamer video widget (libbacon)
that would be used by other apps as well as Totem. He's  going to need lots of
help from the gstreamer developers, of course.

Totem/xine/gstreamer were thoroughly discussed during the 2.4 new-modules
discussion. I doubt that anything has changed, but we might need to rehash the
discussion for the 2.6 new-modules discussion. We'll get there, and I think
trying for 2.4 has brought us half way.

Murray Cumming
murrayc at usa.net

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