[gst-devel] gstvideowidget <=> xvideosink and events ...

Julien MOUTTE jmoutte at electronic-group.com
Wed Jan 8 08:07:04 CET 2003


I'm on my way to catch some mouse motion events over the video playback in gst-player. I realized that the video plays in a gtk_socket plugged xwindow. This is fine...

Where i have a problem is that connecting event mask on this gtk_socket trough :

gtk_widget_set_events (GTK_WIDGET(vw->video_socket),

i don't receive any events...

This could be explained by the fact that the embedded xwindow receives the events from mouse but do not forward them according to the XEmbed protocol from freedesktop.org...

EXTRACT FROM : http://www.freedesktop.org/standards/xembed/html/issues.html


Propagation of key presses

It's frequently useful to have keybindings that trigger on a widget if the focus is on a child of that widget. For instance, ControlPageUp and ControlPageUp switch pages in a notebook widget when the focus is on a child of the notebook. The XEmbed spec currently has no handling of this situation.

The simplest solution would be to specify that if the client widget doesn't handle a key press sent to it, it then sends the event back to the embedder. Some care would be required in the embedder handle infinite loops, but it shouldn't be that bad. 


I guess that receiving XEvent on xvideosink is very important if we plan somehow to forward events back to the pipe for interactivity...

But it would be important also that embedded windows send a copy of events to embedder so that we can make more sensitive players...

Any idea ? Wim ?


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