[gst-devel] two problems I still have

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Fri Jan 10 02:36:01 CET 2003


I've got two problems left I want to solve for gnome 2.
Both are related to mp3.

For the first, it might be simple.  Basically, our current mad plugin 
doesn't send out id3 tag notification if the tag is at the end of the 
file.  I've gone through the code, but it does some weird things :-) It's 
not even clear to me how it detects id3 - it seems that whenever there is 
some sort of mad decoding error it tries to pretend that it's an id3 tag.
Does anyone see an easy way to make it detect id3 at the end as well ?
If not, is it better to just write a madid3read plug-in that reads id3tags 
as quickly as possible without sending out any data at all ?

Second is for .wav's containing mp3's.

Wim told me that our own riff library sucks and should be deleted 
completely.  The internal riff library used by wavparse isn't up to snuff 
either.  It can't detect and send out mp3 data for example.  I didn't 
quite understand how I can make wavparse have out an ALWAYS src pad but 
with either audio/x-wav or audio/x-mp3 as the mime type, so I couldn't get 
that to work.  Any suggestions there ?

Also, if our riff library really is that bad, I want to remove it now 
before we do 0.6.0.

As a heads-up, I hope for us to release 0.6.0 a week before gnome 2.2 
final.  That gives us about two weeks :)



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