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Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at
Sat Jan 11 01:01:07 CET 2003

I think that issues like this one is what we need to focus on currently.
Remember that the version that gets shipped with GNOME2 will reach a
much wider audience than any previous version of GStreamer. That means
that we need to make sure that stuff that use GStreamer like especially
nautilus-media and gnome-media, but also gst-player and rhythmbox works
well. If these applications crash or fail alot due to bugs or missing
functionality in GStreamer we risk aquering a 'gstreamer sucks' image
which would take a lot of time to get rid of. Just remember how long it
took GNOME to get rid of its 'unstable and buggy' image after GNOME 1.0
was released. 

I think our priorities for the next two weeks should be making sure our
mp3, ogg, mpeg and avi playback capabilities works as well and stable as

This means focusing on the following issues AFAICT. 
a) Get opt working well for these apps (which currently includes fixing
some loop issues in Adder (correct Wim?)
b) Make sure the ffmpeg plugin works well in regards to avi playback
c) We really should try and get the i686 issues with our thread stuff
solved, since my testing showed that the -O flags was not related to the
issue I am hopefull we can solve this.  David Schleef, I hope you can
manage to work some on this over the next two weeks so we might be able
to have this fixed.I have a system ready for testing any patches.
d) Solve our remaining Ogg and Mp3 playback issues 
e) Make sure mpeg playback works as reliably as possible
f) Wim or Erik should review the API/bindings related bugs in Bugzilla
to make sure we have no bugs there which will cause API breakage after
0.6.0. While we probably will not be 100% API stable between 0.6.0 and
our eventual 1.0, the fewer the better.

I think that these are the core things we should focus on for the next
14 days in preparation for GNOME 2.2. Any other bug fixes are of course
also nice and are welcome, but I hope we can all try be loyal to this
goal and focusing on polishing what is needed to give those exposed to
GStreamer through GNOME 2.2 a good impression instead of adding new
stuff not directly related to making these few apps work stably. When
0.6.0 is out in 2-3 weeks you can go back to hack on whatever features
and additons you want again knowing that thanks to your effort this 2-3
weeks things will be easier to test for yourself too since the core is
more robust.


On Fri, 2003-01-10 at 11:33, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got two problems left I want to solve for gnome 2.
> Both are related to mp3.
> For the first, it might be simple.  Basically, our current mad plugin 
> doesn't send out id3 tag notification if the tag is at the end of the 
> file.  I've gone through the code, but it does some weird things :-) It's 
> not even clear to me how it detects id3 - it seems that whenever there is 
> some sort of mad decoding error it tries to pretend that it's an id3 tag.
> Does anyone see an easy way to make it detect id3 at the end as well ?
> If not, is it better to just write a madid3read plug-in that reads id3tags 
> as quickly as possible without sending out any data at all ?
> Second is for .wav's containing mp3's.
> Wim told me that our own riff library sucks and should be deleted 
> completely.  The internal riff library used by wavparse isn't up to snuff 
> either.  It can't detect and send out mp3 data for example.  I didn't 
> quite understand how I can make wavparse have out an ALWAYS src pad but 
> with either audio/x-wav or audio/x-mp3 as the mime type, so I couldn't get 
> that to work.  Any suggestions there ?
> Also, if our riff library really is that bad, I want to remove it now 
> before we do 0.6.0.
> As a heads-up, I hope for us to release 0.6.0 a week before gnome 2.2 
> final.  That gives us about two weeks :)
> Thanks,
> Thomas
Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus at>

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