[gst-devel] totem specific stuff in gtk-playlist

Julien MOUTTE jmoutte at electronic-group.com
Tue Jan 21 06:09:13 CET 2003

New versions of gtk-playlist.ch have been integrated in cvs.

gst-player should now work uninstalled as i splitted the gst_media_play_get_glade_xml in 2 pieces.

Added the repeat toggle in schemas.

We now only need to connect it :)


On 20 Jan 2003 13:39:43 +0100
Steve Baker <steve at stevebaker.org> wrote:

> gtk-playlist integration has started in gst-player. It would be nice if
> we didn't have to fork gtk-playlist but there is currently a number of
> totem specific things in gtk-playlist which prevent it from being a
> generic component.
> I'd be happy to produce a patch which makes it a more generic component.
> Here is what I intend to do:
> - pass a GladeXML object and GtkPixbuf play icon when calling
> gtk_playlist_new
> - remove all gconf stuff for repeat toggle and window dimensions
> - make the repeat toggle fire a signal when change. have get/set repeat
> functions
> So Totem will have to figure out where the glade and pixbuf files are,
> and it will have to manage the gconf stuff for the repeat toggle.
> cheers 
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> Steve Baker <steve at stevebaker.org>
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