[gst-devel] Current Status of WinStreamer ?

Marco Iannaccone marciann at email.it
Sun Jun 27 15:38:00 CEST 2004

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> can anybody give me a short update on the status of the Windows port 
> of Gstreamer ? Its essential for us to be able to release a first 
> working binary of it, and as soon as possible, to show that there has 
> been some progress on achieving our goals.

Wow... I didn't know there was already a porting of gStreamer under 
Wndows! I was just goint to propose it!

> I dont expect a lot of functionality for it yet, if it can play or 
> convert WAV into MP3, this would be enough for a start IMHO. There are 
> dozens of Windows multimedia programmers who are still searching for a 
> x-platform alternative to DirectShow, and i believe that the message 
> that there is work being done on such an alternative, and completely 
> opensource, would hit the development scene like a hammer !

Yes... I think a good multimedia framework is really needed under 
Windows, and infact only a small part of the programmers actually 
releases  DirectShow versions of their codecs, or writes applications 
supporting DirectShow.
I'm working on two projects (the first one is musical, the second one is 
AV), and would really be able to write multiplaftorm applications (at 
least Linux and Windows), using GStreamer, GTK, etc...

I think the possibility of writing multiplatform multimedia 
applications, using completely open and free tecnologies as GStreamer, 
whould be a great thing for everyone...

Is there any website, etc..., where I can find informations about 

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