[gst-devel] MAS plugin and problems

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Thu Sep 2 01:09:06 CEST 2004

> Hello,
>    I've hacked on the rotten mas plugin and now it works prefectly
> well. But there are two things i need help on:
> 1. Is the freeze over now? Can i comit?

Any time the nano version is 1 in a module, you can commit.  (Obviously
make sure that your checkout is up to date when checking this :))
This happens very soon after a release.

Which reminds me, I forgot to tag, will do that now.

> 2. I just figured out why adding the following lines in the
> configure.ac made the generated configure script to vomit weird
> sed-related errors:
> translit(dnm, m, l) AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_MAS, true)
> GST_CHECK_FEATURE(MAS, [mas], mas, [
>    GST_CHECK_CONFIGPROG(MAS, mas-config)
> ])
>    The problem lies in this code generated by GST_CHECK_CONFIGPROG
> macro in the configure script:
>  MAS_LIBS=`"mas-config" --plugin-libs  2> /dev/null`
>     if test "x$MAS_LIBS" = x; then
>       MAS_LIBS=`"mas-config" --libs `
>     fi
>    mas-config does'nt support the --plugin-libs option and so it
> vomits an error message to the stdout and not the stderr which is
> being redirected to /dev/null here. So whose fault is this? mas-config
> or our GST_CHECK_CONFIGPROG macro? More importantly who is going to
> change?

There was some other x-config that didn't support that option either,
and I'm not sure who changed the configprog macro to change from --libs
to --plugin-libs all of a sudden.

Anyway, I think that
a) there should first be a check if --plugin-libs is supported; this
depends on the -config program actually returning non-0 on an
unsupported option
b) mas-config should really report errors to stderr, not stdout.


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