[gst-devel] status of AAF support in gstreamer?

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Mon Sep 27 07:51:11 CEST 2004

Ronald S. Bultje a écrit :
>>If there isn't one, what parts of gstreamer plugin code should I look at
>>to start writing a demuxer for this format.
> Depends on the type of container format. If it's a strict,
> non-resyncable container format, look at quicktime, avi or
> matroskademux. If it's easily resyncable, look at ogg or mpegdemux. The
> code in all those is heavily different because of differences in
> container format, differences in how their contained codecs work,
> differences in container capabilities and so on. So look at the one
> closest to AAF. From avidemux and matroskademux, I'd say matroskademux
> is somewhat easier because it doesn't require as many hacks as avi. Then
> again, the container format is more difficult, avi parsing is simpler.
> Look at both and ask questions if you're not sure. ;).

Well, Matroska is resyncable too. Maybe not heavily like MPEG or OGG, 
but far better than AVI.

> Ronald
> Ronald


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