[gst-devel] comments about 0.9

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Tue Aug 2 15:11:14 CEST 2005

hi all,

last night I've put the controller into 0.9. Some remarks below:

We have 'check', 'testsuite' and 'tests' dirs. Doing 'make check' runs
the tests in the 'check' dir.
How is one suppose to build the tests in 'testsuite'? Or should they all
go to 'check'. If so it would be a good idea to put a README into
'testsuite' dir telling people about it.

Right now one test of the check-test suite fails. It would be ultra cool
if the author would either fix or disable thar test. Its

Running suite(s): GstMiniObjectcheck_pack.c:101: :-1078568712:Bad message type arg
FAIL: gst/gstminiobject

Are the supposed to be build by default? Again what about a README in there?

I am still concerned with our manual beeing separate documents
1) we need to explain the whole of gstreamer twice.
2) linking to the api docs is cumbersome

As an example, where do I tell people about the controller lib. Plugins
devs need to know about it, app devs too.
IHMO the docs should be part of the gst-core manual:
Part 1: a mix out of the 'introduction' and 'basic concepts' chapters
from both guides.
Part 2: application developers guide
Part 3: plugin writers guide
Part 4: api docs
1) Easy cross refs
2) we can write gst_element_new() in the docbook and gtk-doc turns this
into a link for us.
3) if devhelp learns full-text search, we can search it too

Any comments?

good night

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