[gst-devel] GStreamer and libcdio?

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Mon Jan 3 17:56:18 CET 2005

Ronald S. Bultje writes:
 > If you want to put the code anywhere, put it in Totem. Aldegonde is not
 > the right place.

Hmmm.. I thought Totem was sort of an alternative front-end that uses
GNOME. Recall GNOME is a bit OS specific.  (Remember the "it's no good
because it doesn't run on cygwin, Darwin, or the Commodore 64"
attitude I mentioned before?).  However gstreamer does try to be
useful in platform-independent situtations, same as libcdio and
libvcdinfo. But I gather gstreamer maintains platform independence by
not trying to deal with CD/DVD reading at all.

For Totem with the xine backend, CD (or DVD for that matter) reading
of blocks to be played is *not* done in Totem, but by whatever
routines xine-lib provides. For Totem with gstreamer, what's used? Does
GNOME provide say mode2 format2 CD reading and audio block reading?

So I think I was suggesting using libcdio/libvcdinfo for those
media-playing applications that use gstreamer, but want to be more
platform independent.

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