[gst-devel] GstPolyBin idea and request for comments

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Mon Mar 21 02:12:13 CET 2005

Hi Benjamin, Eduard and others,

I have reworked my thoughts under:

Currently I tend to like idea 1 better. Elements that can be used as polyphonic 
elemnts just need to implement that. Now the question to bilboed is, if you see 
any problem is GstController also controlling something else.
I'll look over the API proposal to check where is applies.

Anymore comments are really welcome ;)


> On Tue, 8 Mar 2005, Stefan Kost wrote:
>>today we've discussed the GstController (next gen dparams) on IRC and decided to
>>add a G_PARAM_SPEC flag to mark gst_element properties as controllable.
> Can you register those flags using some function or do you just use
> $number? In the second case I would advise against using G_PARAM_SPEC
> flags, because you can't be sure that another project hasn't already used
> the same flag. And GStreamer interoperates with a lot of projects.
> I would use some GstController specific function to request the
> controllable params.
>>There is another situation where I would like to add such a flag for.
>>I've written it down at:
>>So I would need a flag like GST_PARAM_POLYPHONIC. I sounds most useful for
>>audio, but I can imagine using it with graphical effects too.
> From that page, I can't really see what these are needed for. Do you want
> to be able to do multichannel in just one element with one input and one
> output pad?
> What I have wondered about in the past though is if it might be useful to
> have pad properties similar to GtkContainer's child properties. But so far
> it hasn't really been necessary.
> Benjamin

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