[gst-devel] reducing memory required to run the gstreamer

ecmproute ecmproute at gmail.com
Mon May 2 09:10:36 CEST 2005

Yes you can.
1.List out the plugins you want to use.
2.Find the tgz packages, like gst-plugins, gst-extra-plugins, etc. in which 
those plugins belong. Dont use any other extra packages which you wont 
3. Build the gstreamer core distribtion using the traditional 
configure(mention your arch type), make, make install steps
4. Build the required packages, specifying all the plugins that you need. 
And install
5. Run gst-register

If you only require to use fakesrc/sink, you dont need any plugin packages, 
as they are built into gstreamer-core package, AFAIK.

You can customize the plugins you build and installation processes by 
passing correct option to configure.

On 5/2/05, Pankaj GOYAL <pankaj.goyal at st.com> wrote:
> HI,
> I want to use the gstreamer for an arm based Montavista embedded linux 
> .The linux kernel I m using is 2.4 kernel.Since I m working in embedded 
> enviornment I have the memory constraints.I want to know, is there any 
> dependency of one plugin over the another plugin in gstreamer.I have 
> written some of my custom plugin and I m only using the fakesrc 
> ,fakesing,filesink and fikesrc plugin of the gstreamer and rest are not 
> usefull to me.So I want to remove the all the unneccessary plugins , 
> library files ans binary files.I also want to keep only the required 
> binary such as gst-register ,gst-launch etc. Can anyone please help me what 
> to keep and what to remove to run the gstreamer on a system with only 32MB 
> memory.
> Thanks
> Regards
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