[gst-devel] documentation corrections

Boris Mansencal boris.mansencal at labri.fr
Thu May 12 09:56:41 CEST 2005


I have read gstreamer documentation (from CVS) and found some typos or 
Here are some corrections for gstreamer documentation.

As I am gstreamer newbie (and a non native english speaker), I may be 
totally wrong...

Gstreamer Plugin Writer's Guide

simple typos:
- intro-preface.xml : l.183 : "atkes" should be "takes"
- advanced-types.xml: l.161 
should probably be replaced by "http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types"
- advanced-request.xml: l.9 : "chapted" should be "chapter"
- advanced-clock.xml: l.14 : "There are kinds of time in GStreamer". 
Isn't the word "two" missing ?
- advanced-clock.xml: l.102: there should be no dot after the parenthesis.
- advanced-interfaces.xml: l.460 : "Crrently" should be "Currently"

deeper corrections:
- building-boiler.xml: l.85-88 : references "gst-quick-stamp", 
"gst-project-stamp", "pluginstamp.sh". Do they still exist ? I am unable 
to find them...
- building-boiler.xml: l.85-88 : references 
"examples/pwg/examplefilter/boiler/gstexamplefilter.h". I am unable to 
find it. It should probably be "examples/plugins/example.[hc]"
- building-boiler.xml: l.211 : talks about _base_init() function, but 
this function is not in example.c (it seems that _base_init() is merged 
with _class_init() in example.c).
- advanced-request.xml: l.120 : in example, filter->firstrun is 
initialized to TRUE and tested, but never set to FALSE
- advanced-clock.xml: l.56: A filesrc is connected to a MPEG decoder. 
Shouldn't it be a demuxer ? 
On the same line, shouldn't it be "the latter" and not "the former" ?

Gstreamer Application Development Manual
simple typos:
advanced-schedulers.xml: l.122 : "A group is a series of elements that 
can that do not require any context switches" should be "A group is a 
series of elements that do not require any context switches"
appendix-checklist.xml: l.155 : "acn" should be "can"

deeper corrections:
 hello-world.fig : the pipeline is false : the parser "parse" is 
missing. The pipeline should be the same as in mime-world.fig.

l.59 : "Gtk+ object system" should be "Glib object system"

l.79: "functon" should be "function"
l.158: "avery" should be "a very"
l.241: "belogs" should be "belongs"
l.286 : "Gtk+ object system" should be "Glib object system"
l.422: "ieffective" should be "effective"

l.358-359: "In the READY to PAUSED state, the element should open 
devices (if any)"
but in the PWG it is written that "hardware devices" should be opend in 
the NULL to READY transition. So in example.c "devices" probably 
reference "files" ?!



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