[gst-devel] documentation corrections

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue May 17 10:22:36 CEST 2005


> I have read gstreamer documentation (from CVS) and found some typos or 
> errors.

Thanks for spotting.  Next time, you might want to provide a patch, it
is a lot faster both for you and me - for you, since you save some
typing in this mail, and for me, since I can just apply :)

> Gstreamer Plugin Writer's Guide
> ================================
> simple typos:
> ----------------

all done, plus some other typos in their neighbourhood.

> deeper corrections:
> ------------------------
> - building-boiler.xml: l.85-88 : references "gst-quick-stamp", 
> "gst-project-stamp", "pluginstamp.sh". Do they still exist ? I am unable 
> to find them...
> - building-boiler.xml: l.85-88 : references 
> "examples/pwg/examplefilter/boiler/gstexamplefilter.h". I am unable to 
> find it. It should probably be "examples/plugins/example.[hc]"
> - building-boiler.xml: l.211 : talks about _base_init() function, but 
> this function is not in example.c (it seems that _base_init() is merged 
> with _class_init() in example.c).
> - advanced-request.xml: l.120 : in example, filter->firstrun is 
> initialized to TRUE and tested, but never set to FALSE
> - advanced-clock.xml: l.56: A filesrc is connected to a MPEG decoder. 
> Shouldn't it be a demuxer ? 
> On the same line, shouldn't it be "the latter" and not "the former" ?

None of these done, needs more time and work.

> Gstreamer Application Development Manual
> ================================
> simple typos:
> ----------------

all done.

> deeper corrections:
> ------------------------
>  hello-world.fig : the pipeline is false : the parser "parse" is 
> missing. The pipeline should be the same as in mime-world.fig.

not done, needs redrawing and an xfig master

> examples/plugins/example.h
> examples/plugins/example.c

all done.


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